Dynamic Vacuum Solar System

Solar energy is a good alternative to a conventional fossil fuel.
On the market are many different types of solar collectors. The most common types of solar collectors are:
  • Flat-plate collectors - effective at direct sun illumination, poor efficiency in diffuse radiation
  • Evacuated tube collectors- significantly better efficiency, The disadvantage is the possibility of overheating, short life of vacuum tubes, Small absorption area in relation to the entire surface of the collector.
Our design is to combine the good features of flat collectors and vacuum collectors. That is DVSS



1.  Solar energy is transferred through the absorption surface to the liquid medium in the absorber.

 Hot fluid is pumped through a heat exchanger, which is located in the storage tank of hot water.

Media releases the heat into the storage. Cooled is returned  into the absorber of the collector.

The vacuum in the receiver of solar energy (the collector) is used for the thermal insulation of the hot absorber from external influences.


2. The system consists of:

  • Vacuum flat solar collector
  • Pumping units which maintain a negative pressure at the level of 10-5 mBar.
  • The hose for connecting the vacuum pump
  • The pipe for the connection of the solar absorber receiver hopper hot water.
  • The pump for the circulation
  • hopper hot water
  • Flow energy meter
  • The controller of the system

The system is  installed for test.  Its efficiency can follow on our site