Temperature state 30.7.2021 18:01:00

T6 (outdoor temperature): 32 °C T5 (collector edge): 38 °C


ΔT= 6 °C

P1ura= 0 kW

P5min= 0 kW


T1 (from collector) : 74 °C
Tc (in collector) : 67 °C




T3 (top): 88 °C
T2 (bottom): 88 °C



Dynamic vacuum solar system  is composed of:

  • 6 vakuum solar collectors, BERČON SSE 3,8 m² (VSSE)
  • 2 vacuum pump
  • Vacuum pump - collector hose
  • Double hose for connecting the absorber and the water storage
  • Circulation pump IMP Pumps Tip GHN 32/120
  • Water storagee V= 2300 v, 15 cm isolation
  • Heat energy meter
  • Regulator Seltron

For primary heating using Wood Gasification Boiler ATMOS DC type 25 S

{flashchart chart_colors="000066,228B22,DC143C" tooltip_style="font-size:20px; font-weight:bold;color:#433A7E;" height="250" legend="Boiler, Collector, Electricity" width="600" data="file" file="/podatki/logs/leto/skupnigraf" title="Annual generated (consumed) energy" type="bar_stack" y_step="2500" x_step="1" axis_3d="0"  y_legend="kWh" x_legend=" " tooltip="#x_label#: #legend# #val# Total #total# kWh"} SLetno{/flashchart}

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